Helping create working environments that put people before profits.



People are making choices for ethical rather than financial reasons more than ever before. Consumers are demanding transparency in supply chain, labour, animal testing, and chemical makeup. This also extends to employment. People are making decisions about who they want to work for, and who's services / products they want to purchase based on how they treat their employees. 

We believe that the best organisations to work for are the ones that put people at the centre of everything they do. 

At People First Index, we work with you to understand your current people policies and practices and recommend opportunities to put people before profits, ultimately contributing positively to your bottom line.

The People First Index framework has been developed specifically to measure and identify these opportunities, using years of HR research, expertise and international case studies as the foundation. 

 At People First Index our values underpin everything we do:

  • Integrity - we do what we say we will do

  • Valued - all people and relationships are treated with respect, fairness and equality

  • Doing good - all actions are for the greatest good



By assessing your organisation's people policies and practices against progressive, researched criteria and providing this feedback to your organisation, you can understand where and how you can make changes to your working practices and culture that would help make your people feel as though they are treated fairly, respectfully and as though they are as important as shareholder value.

The People First Index framework aims to support organisations to be the best place to work for their people, so that they are able to:

  • Be themselves

  • Give within the bounds they are contracted to give

  • Be given meaningful work for a cause they believe in

  • Be treated with fairness and equality



  1. First we meet with you face to face or over Zoom call to understand your organisation's unique situation

  2. We then provide a proposal for how we can work with you and work through a working agreement

  3. The next step is to audit your organisation against the measures of the People First Index framework, developed from global research into HR practices and studies of the link between employee engagement and financial results. This includes interviewing a cross-section of 2-5% of employees, and working with your organisation lead to attain policies and examples of practices. 

  4. We then provide a report outlining the organisation's position on it's people policies and practices

  5. Next we work with you to recommend opportunities to enhance your people policies and practices and provide external options to implement these policies and practices

  6. Finally we provide the opportunity to achieve the People First Employer accreditation





Consumers and future employees want to know they are going to be in the best hands. 

Once your organisation has reached the People First Index threshold, you will be awarded with the People First Employer accreditation, which you are able to display on your internal and external marketing to attract top talent, and sales opportunities.

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By becoming a People First Employer, you can expect:

  • Increased sales and revenue due to consumers choosing your organisation over competitors

  • Being recognised as an employer of choice and attracting and retaining top talent

  • Enhanced innovation, creativity and problem-solving

  • A decrease in cost associated with absenteeism

  • A decrease in employee burnout

  • Happy, healthier, more engaged employees

  • Be ahead of employment legislation before it becomes law

  • Increase in attraction to future generations entering the workforce

  • Validated and reliable data on the position of people policies and practices that can inform strategy

  • Contribute positively to the economy through social responsibility and increased revenue

  • Reduction in carbon footprint and a positive impact on climate change 

Click to learn more about the sources of research that supports the framework.

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People First Index is administered by Stephanie Love

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